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Our Story

Triage Extracts was born when owners Warren and Kayla were looking for ways to recycle tree mass from their sister company Triage Arbor Care, a Calgary based tree service. While most companies were dumping their mass at landfills, we searched for a way to prolong the legacy of the tree which led us to the steam extraction of essential oils. We are hands-on from the removal or pruning of the tree, all the way to the candle or oil being packaged and delivered to you. 

Warren and Kayla share a passion for nature, business and customer service. They wanted to create a product that would bring the beauty and life of trees into their customers homes while creating a product that was not only health conscious but also lowered their environmental footprint. Through the process they have learned the many incredible health benefits that essential oils can offer and are excited to share these products with you. 


* Photo of the first tree Warren & Kayla ever planted together. 
Scots Pine [Pinus sylvestris]