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One of a Kind

100% Soy Wax Candles

All candles are made with top quality soy wax with no synthetic fillers or dyes, giving you a product that is not only safe for you and your family, but also environmentally friendly.

Pure Essential Oils

Steam extracted from recycled trees sourced from our sister company Triage Arbor Care. With no additives, carrier oils or fillers you are guaranteed an incredible quality and scent from our oils.

Slow Burning & Crackling Wicks

We use 100% pure soy wax which offers a slower burn time when compared to traditional paraffin candles. Our natural wooden wicks give an earthy, natural vibe with a soothing crackling sound.

I absolutely love their products. My all time favourite (tho they all smell amazing!) is the white spruce candle. My fav part is wood burning wicks which make the crackling sound. I also don’t have to worry about harsh burning chemicals cause they have all natural ingredients!

Janique A.

These candles are absolutely incredible. The smell is fresh and delicious. I LOVE how my house smells while they burn! Love, love, love these candles!!

Kathy G.

Hands down the best scented candles money can buy! I love candles, and I’ve tried my fair share of them from different retailers, but I’ve found that some are over powering or don’t burn nicely. Triage Extracts candles are different- they are scented so beautifully with natural tree scents, and they fill up the room without any fake chemical smell. I’ve also found that they burn very nice and even and the crackling wick is a perfect touch! My favourite scent that they make is the “Juniper twigs cedar”. It smells so fresh! If they sold a perfume with that scent, I would totally buy it- that’s how much I love it.

Jessica S.

I can’t say enough about these candles!! I am really picky about scents so I bought one white spruce candle to try it out and it immediately became not just my, but my husbands fave! It smells just like the Marriott Marquise signature scent - SO GOOD. I have since bought 3 more and can’t wait to try the rose white spruce too.

Vanessa E.

My girlfriend and I have been removing commercial grade air fresheners and scented products out of our daily interactions to limit our intake of the toxins that come with them. When we came across Triage Extracts, we were happy to see they offer naturally scented essential oils and candles. After trying out their candles and essential oils we could tell the difference right away, we don’t get head aches anymore and their products don’t have that chemical after smell that commercial grades often have. Highly recommend this product and can’t wait to see what they will be releasing in the future!

Robert H.

I love the products from Triage Extracts. The candels last forever and will fill your home with a wonderful natural smell. Its like camping in your living room🏕 . I cant praise enough about the service and the products! And get that even the packaging is recyclable!! ♻️🌲

Steffi D.

I bought one of every scent for myself and as Christmas gifts. They were a huge hit! The smells are not too overpowering and bring you right to the forest!! The wood burning wicks are the GOAT. The packaging is so enviro-friendly. Can’t say enough good things about Kayla and Triage Extracts. Will definitely be ordering more in the future (WHITE SPRUCE FOR SURE!!!!).

Rebecca B.

As someone who LOVES the smell of pine and spruce, I've never bought a product so genuine and realistic! I find a lot of "pine" scented items smell like a lot of things, but rarely pine. Triage extracts is the real thing!

Sara H.

Amazing product with thoughtful packaging! I love these candles!

Dana H.